Don’t Let Emotions Dictate Your Investment Decisions

Emotions can be a wonderful thing, but not when it comes to investment. Just like you shouldn’t let your emotions dictate most of your decisions, you should also choose to ignore anything that has

Avoid Mistakes When Investing in Gold

Investing their savings in precious metals seems to be the right decision for most individuals. However, as simple as it seems a lot of those who are interested in investing in precious metals might

Avoid Disposition Effect

The “disposition effect” is one of the most commonly seen trends in novice investors and an anomaly that can affect even experienced market players. It shows the tendency that financial investors have to sell

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Stock Before an Earnings Report

The release of company’s earnings report is a crucial moment for all stakeholders: for the management, for the employees, but especially for investors. This is when they all find out if the company made

Why Investing in Penny Stocks Is a Bad Idea

Also known as micro-cap, penny stocks are defined by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as shares traded over the counter at a maximum price per item of $5. When trying their hands at